the best revenge is living well.
katie beth. 22
manhattan. louisville. chicago. brooklyn.

Listen up girls. This is especially, specifically, hypothetically, and literally for you.

I had a shit day at work today. I came home all angry and tired. As I walked through the door, I found a package with my name on it. I was confused because I hadn’t ordered anything for myself. Inside was this shirt. I died. I thought it was a mistake, but then I remembered my brother told me to call him when I got home. That little fucker. I LOVE HIM. I LOVE MYSTERY GIFTS.

At first I was like whaaaa, then I was like OHHH YEAH. I’m exhausted and look gross but who gives a fuck?! Look at my shirt!

Nicholas. More like Nickels aren’t worth much. You suck. YOU’VE BEEN HAZED.

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    I wish I could get this shirt. But the whole being in a frat thing… I dont think Id be able to wear it in public xD or...
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    i wish my brother did this for meeeeeeeeeee *hint hint wink wink* my birthday is in 2 months but you don’t have to wait...
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    dear universe… i would like this shirt